Before going to slum I was thinking about their life and difficulties which they faced nd how society see them.They have very conjusted house where several were living in one room, facing electricity problems, lacks of food supplements nd education.These all are the elements which every individual wants to have a good standard of life but they are deprived form it.All these were jumping in my mind before going there. But I was amazed by seeing the children over there as they become so happy on seeing us nd the love was given by them was elated us. They were so generous nd provide very much fondness towards us. Childrens are very innocent nd enthusiastic as they kept questiong about their problems nd very much friendly and intelligent also.
I really feel every person should visit slum to see the life they live.I realised that they have less thing but more happiness as don’t have to worry about theirs needs neither havr such like we people. Children from were very much passionate about education nd are very eager to go school nd learn. All they need is love nd supports from us.
I request everyone nd should suggest that go slums nd intreact with once a week than you willl relise their worth nd don’t neglect them as they our people.Seeing smile on the sinless nd impeccable children healus today.
πŸ”΄Street kids don’t let harsh situations bog them down. They might know poverty as an obstacle, but they also know resourceful ways to overcome it. πŸ”΄πŸ’•πŸ’—